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Akuter Management System offers a single platform to centralize distribution, tracking and reporting as well as the remote management of usage and licenses. The training modules can be developed in-house or bought from catalogs to be then included in the certification and training programs by an administrator. Users only need an Internet browser to access the system. Authentication is done either from the Akuter authentication system or from an existing system via the Radius protocol. When a user logs in his/her profile is recognized by the Akuter System and the screens in accordance with his/her profile's rights provided. Connectors allow the automatic update of the employees or customers databases with that of Akuter to eliminate double entries and errors. The link with the Akuter's support server allows the installation, management and maintenance of the software licenses and the follow-up of the traffic. The report services provide a very detailed reporting of the users' activities to document the proof of compliance as well as generate management information.


BenefitsTop of page †

Akuter Enterprise delivers substantial benefits to make your corporation more effective in today's competitive market. Fast production and delivery of knowledge information such as employee training, compliance and certification programs, product learning, sales knowledge or marketing communication will deliver competitive advantage to the enterprise. Moreover Akuter gives you the means to control completely your system at a cost depending only on the real use (Learning time). No need to rely on expensive and cumbersome outside resources, no fear to lose control of you intellectual assets. Finally Technology is made affordable and sustainable even for a small organization. A genuine competitive advantage

Fulfill regulatory compliance:
No more worry about unexpected audits or proof of compliance. Akuter keeps all records for each program and each employee. Moreover, the system anticipates lacks of certified resources, deadlines narrowing and employees' status toward compliance through a proactive alerts and messaging feature. Companies and organizations that use Akuter have a clear vision and control their compliance issues. They are good companies and good organization to work for.

Turn your knowledge cost center into a profit center:
When employees and customers are well trained it affects positively your organization's bottom line. You retain the best people, you serve better your customer and you build a knowledge centric organization. Education is always an investment; with Akuter the ROI is high and fast.

Accurately calculate your ROI:
Because of its real-time server-driven tracking core feature, Akuter gives you a detailed and accurate statement of the time spent by every learner of the system and the time spend on every program. It is therefore easy to keep your budget in line. Furthermore, individual credit limits combined with alerts will let you know in advance of potential overtimes and will give you the ability to prevent them.

Enhance knowledge, satisfaction and loyalty:
With Akuter you can provide your employees, suppliers, customers and stakeholders with a consistent knowledge program that will enhance their recognition and pride toward your organization.

Respond quickly to changing business needs:
Regulation, products, business environment change all the time. With Akuter you make sure you are always up to date and that your compliance and certification programs take into account the latest. Akuter includes an easy smart program upgrade feature that ensures that users are offered new versions when starting a new program. Programs' version number is always recorded making it easy to isolate groups with obsolete certifications and to reassign them newer programs.

Align business units:
Consistency is an important part of business units' alignment. Akuter's powerful curriculum management allows delivering the same content in an audience specific manner. Some will have to go through tight pre-assessments and post-assessments while others will just be asked to have studied the materials.

Build competitive advantage:
By retaining the best employees and selecting the best partners and having the ability to keep them competitive you increase your chances to build and sustain your business advantages. From customers and distributors well trained on your products and services to well trained employees and procedures savvy suppliers the field for improvement is vast. This is where having Akuter makes a difference.


Akuter Management System offers ergonomic and easy to use screens always provided in context and according to the user's preferences, rights and status of progress.

Courses management:
A course is a learning object either developed with Akuter Author or an AICC-SCORM compliant third party. A course, or its manifest files, is located on the server's repository. It will be attached to Akuter Management System for further use within curricula and assignments. A course can be created in advance before it is physically installed and attached to Akuter Enterprise. This is called a course planning. Administrators will determine how to use learning objects parked into the repository. Content upgrades are easy and processed in a transparent way: Learners who are already started will stay with their current version, learners who are not started will be provided with the new version. Version numbers are recorded and Administrators know who did what, making it easy to re-assign refreshers or the complete curriculum's new version.

Curriculum management:
A curriculum is a series of courses managed by a set of rules.

  • Create, modify, activate, or delete a curriculum

  • Choose the assignment type (Pre-assignment or Self-assignments)

  • Add prerequisites to a curriculum
  • Add courses to a curriculum

Curricula management provides the administrator with the ability to define learning objects tailored to the learner or to a group of learners. An administrator, using the rule-based curriculum management, can tailor learning to specific requirements, prerequisites and score to pass for each course and for the whole curriculum. Akuter Management System guides administrators into defining personalized learning, scheduling and curriculum definitions from learning objects for individuals or groups. If set in Self-assigned mode a curriculum can be re-assigned directly by the learner as many times.

Pre-assessments and post-assessments are provided either from prerequisites, quizzes or exams. They can provide suggestions or lock in or out learners. Assessments can be used just to record how people perform from the tracking features without stopping their progression or used as a milestone controlling access to the next step of a curriculum.

User management:
A user is an individual who can access Akuter Enterprise in order to:

  • Take assignments as a learner

  • Manage the system as an Administrator

  • Score exams as a scorer

Configure the software as a system administrator

Akuter's user management interface provides powerful filters and search features to manage thousands of users easily. It provides summary and detailed information as well as statistics and messaging tools.

Group management:
A group is a gathering of learners to allow batch assignment. A learner may belong to more than one group.

  • Create, modify, activate, or delete groups

  • Add, remove learners from groups

  • Assign a curriculum to a group

Pre-Assignments can be made to an individual learner or a group of learners. Pre-assignments will appear on each learner's portal.

Alerts, Messaging and Collaboration:
Alert Services Center is Akuter Enterprise's powerful automated messaging system which is triggered by pre-selected or scheduled events. It alerts users about progress of assignments, status of credits or narrowing deadlines. These event-based and schedule-based alerts and messaging services provide a powerful private collaborative support for learners, administrators and supervisors.

There are 10 categories of standard alerts:

  • New Assignment - notifying that a curriculum has been newly assigned to one or more learners

  • Assignment started - notifying that a learner has started a given assignment

  • Assignment completed - notifying that an assignment has been passed or failed

  • Course completed - notifying that a course has been completed (if no exam), passed or failed (if exam)

  • Score pending - notifying that an exam with essay question(s) needs to be scored

  • New group's member - notifying that a learner has been newly added to a group. This learner will automatically receive the group's assignments and eventually a "New Assignment" alert message will be sent

  • Learner's credit limit - notifying that a learner has reached the alert threshold on his/her learning time limit

  • Deadline - warning that a Learner has reached his/her alert threshold before completing an Assignment

  • New user - notifying that a new user has been created either manually or via an automated process

  • Score available – notifying that an exam with essay question(s) has been scored

More alerts can be added using the AE's plug-in architecture and extensions.

When criteria are met for an alert category and the system administrator has activated this particular alert, a message is generated and sent to the activated recipients. You can decide which recipients will be active for each category of alerts. Alert messages are securely queued until delivery. All messages are server-driven and generated from the Akuter Management System server using the customer's SMTP server. As it is server- generated, recipients cannot reply to an alert message. Links in the body text can be added if needed. Alert Services' recipients use the Supervisor's email account available in the Learner, Group and Curriculum's records and/ or the Default Alert email available on the System Administrator's screens. These fields are generally automatically filled in from a connector linking AE to other applications such as ERP, CRM, HR, etc. However an Administrator can manually enter or edit these fields if needed. If no supervisor email is available in the Learner's records, group's records or curriculum's records, messages are sent to the "Default Alert email" set by the System Administrator. An alert's recipient can be a group of several recipients. Messages are edited in the default language.


EntitiesTop of page †

An entity is a space restricted to a specific audience and has its own administrators. This function allows the creation of several sub-organizations with a single Akuter LMS license. It is particularly useful for giving administrative autonomy to parts of a whole organization or for serving different organizations from the same system. An Entity has its own dedicated virtual space in which content and users are only visible to and managed by an Entity administrator from the same Entity or by a Super administrator.


My CatalogTop of page †

This feature allows to automatically generating course catalogs relevant to each learner profile. Labels are gathered by categories and assigned to curricula and learners.

Examples of labels for a curriculum

Examples of labels for a learner

Each learner can see a recommended catalog of courses matching their labels.

Examples of labels for a learner

Labels can be generated without limits manually or automatically from an existing database


Tracking and reportsTop of page †

The eLearning platform records in real time all learning activities and sends alerts to supervisors and learners upon events (new user, new assignment, course started, completed, etc.). At anytime one can edit detailed or summarized reports to analyze quality of training experience.

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