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"Our goal is to inspire students to develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes essential for participation in our changing society, by creating a supportive learning environment and demonstrating our commitment to quality. Our communications plan is to promote the strengths, successes and uniqueness of the Fort St John Public School System. With this in mind, we have selected Akuter as a business partner. The Akuter Enterprise is a revolutionary product that will help us meet our knowledge and skills objectives. We believe that the Akuter system will play an important role in developing the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to meet these goals".

Ernie Inglehart, Secretary-Treasurer, School District No 60, Canada


"The core of the City of Culture and Sustainable Tourism's eLearning platform will be based on Akuter developed LCMS, Akuter Enterprise, on the top of which the two partners will co-finance specific features development to deliver a full integrated application dedicated to sustainable tourism and improvement of the value of culture and heritage".
Bruno Carlier, Président, City of culture and sustainable tourism, France


"I am responsible for training over 200 employees in 3 facilities that operate 24 hours 7 days a week. Akuter has been a very useful tool to help accomplish the training needs for our company. With Akuter it is very easy to create a training course that can be distributed and tracked. Akuter Enterprise has become an important aspect of our training for our ISO 9001 certification, safety, yearly reviews and for any new processes".
Dan Rodda,  Quality Insurance manager, Northwest Aluminum Specialties, USA


The Learner: At the heart of the systemTop †

As a learner taking online training you are the most important person of the learning process. Whatever you are taking training as part of your job duties, for personal interest or to comply with regulation, you are going to live a unique and motivating experience. You may come back as many times as you wish, challenge your knowledge, navigate, and take personalized contents meeting your plans. Periodically you will be offered to check that your acquired knowledge has not been diluted over time and is still operational. To use the system, all you need to know isthe basics of computer use, peripherals and accessories.


Your Learner accountTop †

To access your Learner account you need to have a personal access code (ID and Password). There are several ways to create a Learner account:

  • Self-registration

  • As a Guest (restricted access)

  • Have your account created by an administrator

  • To be automatically registered from a database

As soon as your account is set up, you receive an email of confirmation.

  example of a message informing a learner (here a guest) that its account is created

  • When a learning module is assigned to you, you receive an email of confirmation

Example of message for a new assignment

  • To access your personal Learner area you must enter your ID and password



  • Your personal page displays your training programs

example of a Learner page

  • Filtering and sorting criteria narrow the screen layout.

  • If you do not meet a requirements (prerequesite, dates...) the link is not active.

  • A padlock tells you that the course is not accessible and the reason why.

  • At any time an online help gives detailed information on features and messages.

example of a quick help screen

  • When a course includes several modules you can chain them so a next module will be locked until the previous one is passed (exam) or completed (no exam). Details on the rules for each module are provided.

example of a course with two modules

Course samplesTop †

  • Many topics can be approached with eLearning, learning programs can be assigned once or periodically, and can adapt to learners' environment and behaviors.

  • Nowaday interactive and multimedia means foster the attractiveness of eLearning and improve knowledge retention. Videos, audios, animations bring more realism to training and recreate a guenuine environment. 

  • You can see below a few samples of learning contents used by Akuter Enterprise users (Click on the arrow to play the video).

example of a course on industrial risk prevention (French)

example of a course on risk prevention at school (English)

example of a course on airport risk prevention (French)

example of a course on driving regulation

Exercises and testsTop †

  • Quizzes can be included at anytime along a course to check understanding and knowledge acquisition.

  • Examples of question types  (more in content creation section)

example of a multiple choice question

example of a fill-in-the-blank question

example of a drag and match question

  • When questions are part of an exam, results are credited and tests passed or failed in accordance with the criteria set by the course author.

  • Some questions may weigh more than others, allow several attempts, display choices in random order, and have a time limit to answer.

  • In addition to a time limit for each question you can add a time limit for the whole exam.

  • You can also allow learners to review their answers.

  • At the end of a test you can get your results per topics and see where your weak points are.

example of a test results display

  • As soon as a course is finished a message is sent to a training supervisor.

    assignment completed message

  • The system can generate automatically a certificate 

example of display for a passed course with a certificate 

CatalogsTop †

  • This feature allows to automate the creation of catalogs by matching learners and courses labels.

  • Each learner is proposed a list of suggested courses corresponding to their profil.

example of a catalog

Tracking, Statistics and ReportingTop †

  • Akuter Enterprise records all learners' activities and sends alert messages on events.

  • At anytime it is possible to edit activity reports.


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