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Akuter Technologies develops and markets Knowledge Management systems for organizations, applied to training, compliance and certification. Akuter aims to serve particularly sectors that have a mandatory need to respond to ongoing and changing regulations.


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Employees Orientation and Development

"When the rate of change outside exceeds the rate of change inside, the end is in sight."
(Jack Welch)

Capacity to identify the best candidates, to recruit and keep them motivated, engaged and always in the lead, unquestionably represents a strategic advantage. Because the majority of the jobs of tomorrow are unknown today, to build a solid company culture supported by continuous training, assessment and personalized career plan is essential to maintain the attractiveness of a company with respect to its most important capital: Its employees. To align competencies between the operational units, while personalizing your training schemes specific to each audience, maintains a coherent process of knowledge management. To control the effectiveness of the process of training, to reduce the gaps of competencies, to measure the progression and to publish detailed analyses are the premier benefits of a true knowledge management system, such as Akuter Enterprise.

Akuter = Profits!

The benefits gained from deploying your intellectual capital in real time while establishing a database of knowledge which allows you to make fast decisions by far exceeds any shortsighted budgetary cut.
Human capital, social capital, intellectual capital... In any case it shows a crucial need to have the ability to build a strong corporate culture along with key components such as training, performance appraisal and career development. While most of the future jobs are unknown, it is important to benefit from Akuter Enterprise, a real time intelligent system for the 21st century Corporation.

Using Akuter Enterprise, you will:

  • Align knowledge competency between business units

  • Provide learning at extended enterprise

  • Make sure you fulfill your compliance obligations

  • Personalize learning schedules

  • Assess effectiveness of learning process

  • Close competency gaps

  • Track and measure progress

  • Publish broad reporting and analysis

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Compliance and Certification

In sectors such as biomedical, pharmacy, social or finances, conformity with national and international regulations is impossible to circumvent. Akuter helps its customers to stay compliant and avoid the many problems resulting from any compliance failure. Complying with safety-related regulations, procedures, privacy or confidentiality is not an option. At any time a company can be audited and have to provide proof that its procedures and its personnel conform to regulations. Akuter provides a control by electronic signature which makes sure that there has been no intrusion or illicit handling of the system.

Procedures can change daily and all measures must be taken to make sure that each employee is informed, trained and consequently certified. Akuter Enterprise includes an alert center which automatically informs employees and their supervisors that a new procedure has been published and corresponding certification programs updated. The tracking system informs users and supervisors, in real time, of progress made in comparison with pre-determined schedules and objectives. Users and supervisors can access results and edit personalized reports.

Using Akuter Enterprise, a real time intelligent system for the 21st century Corporation, you are able to personalize your learning and instructional material, track all activity and manage customized curricula. You keep everything under your control, without fear to have crucial data at risk or in the hands of others.

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Health and Safety

Are your procedures and training protecting your people and your organization?

Sectors such as transport, construction and natural resources are at high-risk if the issues of health and safety are not correctly approached. Training and tracking are key elements to continuously improve the level of safety of the workers. Akuter Enterprise not only tracks and records all the activity of training and certification in detail but also manages the transactions between the Server and the users, anytime, anywhere.

Since they are connected directly to the enterprise's resources, such as standard operational procedures, forms or media, people who must receive training or certification are always accessing the last version of a document or of other resources.

Each group of employees receives prescheduled assignments and supervisors know step by step of their progress. It is now easy to anticipate lack of certified people or non compliance risks. When a new regulation is released employees will automatically receive an assignment to a program that will update them.

Companies implementing a system like Akuter are safer and better companies to work for.

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Product training

What makes a salesperson successful all the time?

Product knowledge is essential for sales and customer service departments. Product catalogs are constantly brought up to date, at item level and prices. Simulations, video, audio, animations, competitive analysis, experts' reports – these are just some examples of what a system like Akuter can make available to your sales force, technical support, distributors and to your customers.

It is not enough to be a born salesperson; today's economy needs real time intelligence and on going personal knowledge improvement and assessment.

Product and competition knowledge is a key factor for successful sales in addition to sales techniques and market needs analysis.

How can you bring this to your sales force in a consistent and controlled manner?

Use Akuter Enterprise, a real time intelligent system for the 21st century Corporation. Not only does your crucial data stay under your control all the time and is delivered in a customized manner, but your curriculum's assignments can be fully personalized to every individual situation. At any time, your sales force personnel will access your crucial information and know exactly how they are performing. Reports and analysis are available online to assess the effectiveness of their learning experience.

From junior level to senior level, you will empower your people with the most valuable competitive advantage: intellectual asset. Because information is tracked and recorded in your database, you build your company's knowledge database. Collect feedback and consistent information from the field, which you will then include in your next curriculums. Your ultimate objective of competitive advantage will be realized when your team use Akuter Enterprise.

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Channels Certification

The more manufacturers create added value for their partners, the more they will attract and keep them.

To effectively manage sales channels, manufacturers must have a method of transferring viable knowledge to all parties, thus optimizing and coordinating all channels, which process can easily be evaluated. Cost, scalability and real-time response to changes are some benefits which now push manufacturers to substitute part of their former expensive and rigid traditional training with new, online training.

Relevant certification and training programs, accessibility to up to date product information are some examples of services which will reduce time and cost for these partners.

Well informed and recognized partners will add a true competitive advantage to a manufacturer's operations and efforts to penetrate new markets. Partners form part of the solution that a customer selects and buys!

Any failure to correctly manage the competence of a partner will have an immediate impact on sales and customer satisfaction. It is not a one day effort but a permanent effort which will help to keep the company competitive.

It offers a rapid Return On Investment, is easy to deploy and scale, allows building a superior training and certification experience, blends and integrates easily with the existing infrastructure.

The Akuter Enterprise solves the challenges that the partner management and product training organizations encounter with today's business models. It provides a platform for developing, updating and measuring partners' sales and technical skills, leading to a more effective value-delivery-chain, increased revenue and customer satisfaction.

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