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Akuter Enterprise

Akuter Enterprise, a complete LCMS (Learning Content Management System) software, allows to easily developing learning contents to be published online, differentiate distribution to a specific audience (training path, criteria of success, calendars, etc.), managing learners’ progress, and receiving detailed reports from a secured historic database. The platform is multilingual, multi-organization and uses the latest Internet techniques.

Akuter Enterprise software allows registered learners to take a selected training session. A session may include a series of learning modules that can include exercises and tests.

Trainers can develop or convert their courses and exams very easily and distribute them to learners via the Internet. At all times alert messages let management know of the learners’ progress and learning programs used.   

The main benefit of our software is maximizing the automation of repetitive administration and management tasks. This, with a fine tracking feature and security of access, guaranties the best use of human resources for organizations adopting it. Choosing a proved software product guaranties the respect of specificities, budget and calendar of our customers.


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