Akuter is committed to customer satisfaction


Akuter supports its customers' competitiveness by providing a sustainable and affordable Knowledge Management technology for their company's training, compliance and certification.

To serve our customers and help them meet their business needs, Akuter and its partners offer various professional services:

Consulting and coachingTop †

A true enterprise knowledge empowerment strategy needs a thorough analysis and a careful selection of priorities expressed in business terms. There is a strong need among corporations to balance the delivery of learning and communication materials in a cost effective way, with minimum work disturbance to the workplace. Ultimately the objective of each corporation is to be more competitive within its market and to fulfill its mission. Akuter works with its customers to evaluate and define strategic objectives to a genuine eLearning strategy. We evaluate existing organizational structure, course material, optimal delivery methods, course administration and assessment procedures. The result of the teamwork is a plan for seamless transition to a new learning paradigm with methodology and timetable for the transition. Akuter teams up with experts in HR, biotech, channels, safety, IT services, education, etc. to offer the highest level of expertise and efficiency in these domains.

Implementation supportTop †

Akuter Enterprise is a customer-installed system. Akuter's support services provide implementation support in your specific environment.
Our dedicated team of consultants and engineers will support your efforts with a single goal: Make your implementation a fast success and help your corporation reach a productive stage quickly.

Content development and conversionTop †

For years, you have spent a significant amount of time and money building your communication and learning materials. Current technologies allow converting and recovering most contents from any forms and delivering them in a format compatible with an efficient Internet-Intranet environment. Akuter's services will assist you in converting your existing materials for a successful WBT implementation.


Special developmentsTop †

Akuter has built a strong team of multidisciplinary experts to provide customization services in the following areas:

  • Customized course development

  • Customized interfaces design for legacy systems

  • Develop and integrate special features to accommodate customer's specific business needs


TrainingTop †

Akuter offers educational services to train and support customers. We have built a series of classes to accelerate Akuter products deployment. In addition, we offer courses to train subject experts on the techniques for building Internet based training courses.

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